Testimonial on Return key

Don’t just take my word for it!


Here’s what some of the writers I’ve worked with have to say.

When I hired Beth to edit my picture book manuscripts, I never expected to enjoy the process. She made it easy to manage this essential step, and I appreciated her friendly, down-to-earth style. Beth’s feedback exceeded my expectations. She provided clear, detailed comments to explain her edits and suggestions, and her ability to immerse herself in the text often helped me view my writing in a new way, which was exciting. I look forward to working with Beth on my next project!

Kathleen Bahr


Beth is a grammar magician. I found myself really enjoying the gentle corrections and insightful suggestions she made as she edited my latest project. Not only is my masterpiece now thoroughly and meticulously edited, I also feel I have learned a great deal in the process. If I could pay Beth to correct my emails, I would. She is so professional, precise, and knowledgeable that working with her is a joy. I happily recommend Beth and look forward to sending her many more manuscripts.

KD Rausin


Beth Stilborn is a professional of the highest caliber. She is a virtuoso of language, words, grammar and the craft of writing. She loves what she does. As do I. I am a first-time author, but a long-time storyteller. Without Beth, I never would have transitioned from grammatically flawed oration to printed fluid narration. Beth’s value extends beyond fixing. Beth teaches. Her edits include informative explanations, and she provides resources for learning and understanding. Beth goes the extra mile. Her stylistic and narrative suggestions I have found to be extremely helpful. Beth is someone you can trust with your prized literary work.

Robert Martin

Beth Stilborn has an eagle eye. As an editor myself, I’m pretty good about proofing my own writing – but I cannot count the number of times Beth has caught that elusive typo for me nonetheless.  She is thorough, meticulous and unflagging in her dedication to, and appreciation for, good writing.  In today’s publishing world, manuscript submissions have to be absolutely error free – we can’t afford a typo or a grammar flub.  Beth will ensure that your writing sparkles!

Emma Walton Hamilton

Author, Editor, Educator

I used Beth Stilborn’s Flubs2Fixes to copy edit the first draft of my middle grade manuscript. As a 2013 Stony Brook Children’s Literature Fellow, I wanted my polished first draft to be as perfect as possible. Beth’s editing made me confident that convention errors were corrected and the formatting was professional. Reading her notes was a wonderful learning experience. Her comments, when applicable, included a rationale and even references. She is an excellent teacher and her patience is endless. I will absolutely use Beth’s service again when I finish my rewrite.

Janas Byrd


I had looked at the digital proofs for my self-published picture book for way too long. There were words everywhere – the main text, labels within the illustrations, and the back matter. I couldn’t see any mistakes, but I was not going to upload the files after months and months of hard work only to find typos and inconsistencies in the final printed proof – or a future printed copy of the book! I hired Beth Stilborn for her copy-editing services. She was professional, organized, and thorough. Even though I had pored over each word, she still found FLUBS that needed to be FIXED. I will never forget the joy I felt the day I saw my book for the first time. Beth gave me peace of mind to move forward with my project and helped me make my picture book the best it could be.

Eric VanRaepenbusch


I worked hard to get my stories to the point where I thought they were as good as they could be. Then I met Beth. Her thoughtful and experienced approach helped me take them to the next level, and I now love the stories and don’t want to change a thing!

Rob Guarasci


I’d been staring at my project so long I couldn’t even read it, it was gibberish! What a relief to send it to Beth. With her meticulous grammar check and handy notes, I buttoned up my piece and was able to share it with over a hundred people, with confidence that it made sense and was grammatically correct. Thank you, thank you Beth for your handy and affordable service!

Meg Miller