A Few of My Favorite Sites

ADD TO FAVORITES ICONThere is so much information all around us these days that it’s hard to sift through it all and find the “good stuff.”

We all have our favorite go-to sites and blogs. Today I’d like to share with you a few of my favorite sites and blogs about the craft of writing (in no particular order).

Author, editor and educator Emma Walton Hamilton’s blog “Emmasaries” — there is a treasure trove of information about writing and publishing children’s books on Emma’s blog. Searching for info on Self- or Independent Publishing? Emma’s got it. Want an overview of what it takes to write a picture book? Emma has it. Wondering about writing a series? There’s a series of posts on book series. Dig around in her blog, search a few things, click on some tags — you’re sure to find gold.

KidLit411 — talk about one-stop shopping for children’s writers! There’s everything you could think of and more at this site, the brainchild of Elaine Kiely Kearns and Sylvia Liu. Here’s just a sampling of what they have to offer: Resources, Writing Tips, Revision and more about Picture Books, Middle Grade, Young Adult; info about Critique Groups, Writing Challenges; Submission How-tos — the list goes on. I was delighted to open the current issue of Writer’s Digest and discover that KidLit411 is not only listed in this year’s 101 Best Websites for Writers, but in its category it is Best of the Best!

InkyGirl — author and illustrator Debbie Ohi’s fabulous blog/site about reading, writing and illustrating children’s books. Among other things, she has an excellent Twitter Guide for Authors & Illustrators, book reviews, delightful (and insightful) original comics for writers, and much more.

Author Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog — if you want to connect with other picture book lovers and learn what the best PBs out there are, check out Perfect Picture Book Friday (and feel free to join in!). Want to test your pitch (for your book, not to see if you’re singing on key)? Pop in on Wednesdays for Would You Read It Wednesday. And stay tuned throughout the year for Susanna’s fantastic (and pretty much world famous…) writing contests where you can hone your skills at crafting a brief, complete story to specifications and have a chance at amazing kidlit prizes.

I could go on and on — in fact, I will — but not today. Watch for occasional More of My Favorite Sites posts in the months to come!

Happy writing and revising,

Beth in script for blog


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