Check Out This Resource!

I am all too aware that this blog has been sadly neglected for far too long. My apologies!

Flubs2Fixes is definitely open for business, and this blog is about to be resuscitated, at least for a little while, before the summer break. I’ll have an official “I’m BACK!” post next week.

I have several great books and other resources that I’m eager to share with you. What I plan to do through May and possibly June is to post about them on Mondays. If you know of any books or resources that you think I should feature, let me know in the comments (on this or any future post) and I’ll take a look.

One resource I want to mention before next Monday is Emma Walton Hamilton and Julie Foster Hedlund‘s COMPLETE PICTURE BOOK SUBMISSION SYSTEM. They only offer this once or twice a year, and it’s currently available for purchase — but only until May 7th. I can vouch for them both as being extremely knowledgeable in the field of picture books.

Having taken their webinar “Get The Picture Book Hook” which features a small portion of this extensive resource, I can confidently predict that the full Submission System will be incredibly helpful to anyone who is in the process of submitting to agents or editors. If you write other types of children’s books, I suspect you’d find it helpful, too. You can learn more at this link: THE COMPLETE PICTURE BOOK SUBMISSION SYSTEM. Remember — the window of opportunity for this time around will be closing on May 7th. Side note: I just love their logo for this — an airplane with wings that are a book, and a propeller that’s made of a pen, a pencil, and a paintbrush.

That’s all for this week. Watch for my links to book and resource posts right here beginning next week.

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