Novel-Revision Workshop Coming Up at Janice Hardy’s Fiction University!

Do you have a first (or second or third) draft of a novel manuscript? Are you unsure how to proceed with your next draft? Do you find the process of revision daunting?

Many people struggle with revision: how to evaluate their draft, how to deepen the character development, how to enhance the plot arc, how to deal with comments from critique partners — how to bring all the necessary elements together to make a successful finished manuscript.

There are many ways to address this. I’ve recently learned about one that intrigues me, and I thought you might find it interesting and potentially helpful, as well.

Janice Hardy is a novelist and has also authored many books on writing. She has a website called Fiction University that is a treasure trove of information and assistance for writers. Her blog offers posts on various topics pertaining to writing, guest posts from experts, and “real-life diagnostics” that look at passages from actual manuscripts and discuss how to improve them.

Beginning on March 1st, she’s offering a month-long, FREE at-home workshop called Revise Your Novel in 31 Days. If you sign up to follow her blog, each day you’ll receive the next post in the workshop’s revision process. She assures potential participants that if a step takes longer than a day, that’s fine — you go at this at your own pace, despite the workshop’s title.

It’s a chance to get some expert suggestions on how to proceed with your revision, try them out, and continue the process throughout the revision of your next draft.

It sounds like an excellent opportunity to dig deep into revision — and you have to admit that the price is right!

You can find out more about it at this link: Revise Your Novel in 31 Days.

Happy writing! Happy revising!