New Features on Flubs2Fixes Website!

Everyone needs a trusty sidekick!

My trusty sidekick, the Grammar Owl, and I are pleased to announce a new feature on the Flubs2Fixes blog that will make it easier for you to find the answers to your grammar quandaries, formatting questions, and other perplexing conundrums.

If you’ll look up at the menu, you’ll see a new tab called Self-Editing Help and Hints. Clicking on the drop-down menu will lead you to a page called Grammar Growls with the Grammar Owl (G.O. is particularly pleased with that one), another page called Manuscript Basics, and one that lists Self-Editing Tools.

Grammar Growls gives a list of links to all the Grammar Owl posts on grammar quandaries that I have done both here on Flubs2Fixes and on my general blog, By Word of Beth, where I posted before launching this website.

Manuscript Basics gives a list of links to posts about such things as manuscript formatting, with more links to come.

Self-Editing Tools lists products and services available from other freelance editors, that you might find useful in your writing and self-editing process. Note that these recommendations are made because I believe in the product. These are not paid advertisements. Not everything works for every person, so I urge you to research for yourself and determine what is best for you before investing money or time in anything.

There will be other pages added to this Self-Editing Help and Hints category as time goes on.

I hope you’ll find it helpful to be able to locate the answer to your problem quickly and get back to writing, so that when you’re ready to look for an agent or publisher, or to ask for editing help from a freelancer like me, the basics will be in place, and your manuscript will show that you are a writer who cares enough to make your manuscript SHINE!

Happy writing and self-editing!