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There are now TWO ways to work with me —

 I now offer developmental editing as well as copy editing!

Copy Editing

  • you receive a thorough grammar check, as well as checking for spelling and typographical errors, incorrect word use, capitalization, punctuation, clarity, sentence structure, redundancies and/or inconsistencies, consistent point of view and consistent verb tense.
  • available for all fiction, picture book to adult (no erotica or extreme violence, please), memoir and children’s nonfiction.

Developmental Editing

  • you receive an in-depth written analysis, along with comments made directly on the manuscript, giving feedback and suggestions on all aspects of your manuscript including character development, plot and pacing, voice, theme, and more.
  • currently available for kids’ fiction: picture books, chapter books, and middle grade novels only. 
  • non-rhyming text preferred, but will edit rhyming text


All rates are in Canadian dollars.

Copy Editing

Developmental Editing

Picture books: $50.00 Canadian (about $40.00 U.S.)

All other manuscripts: $6.50 Canadian per page

Picture books: $90.00 Canadian (about $75.00 U.S.)

All other manuscripts: $7.50 Canadian per page

Ready to work with me?

Go to the contact form and fill it in. Some fields are required. They are marked with an asterisk.

I’ll respond in an email from Flubs2Fixes to let you know if I’m available (or when I’ll be available) and give a time frame and rate quote.

You reply to that email to let me know if you agree (or not) or if you need to request a change in the time frame.

Once we get the details ironed out, I’ll send a contract and an explanation of the next steps.

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Other Information

  • I prefer to work in Microsoft Word, but other formats, such as Pages or PDF can be accommodated.
  • I charge by the page, with a page being the industry standard 250 words, 12-point font.
  • Suggested changes are noted in comments on Track Changes in Microsoft Word. In a developmental edit, there is also a detailed analysis/feedback document.
  • I sometimes send extra notes or suggestions of resources at no extra charge.
  • You can ask questions for clarification after the edit is returned to you.
  • A second edit after revisions is possible, at a discounted rate. Contact me the same way as with the original project.
  • My rates are in line with the rates listing on the Editorial Freelancers Association website. 
  • All charges are in Canadian dollars. If you want to see what the cost is in your currency, you can do a currency conversion on a site like For example, $6.50 Canadian is approximately $5.00 U.S.; $7.50 Canadian is approximately $6.00 U.S. NOTE: The actual charge will depend on the exchange rate the day you pay the invoice.
  • I invoice after the project is complete, using PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay the invoice.
  • The invoice will be in Canadian dollars. PayPal does the currency conversion.
  • NOTE: if you are a resident of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, I must charge PST

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